Trusted since 1874

When Cole & Young Co. started in 1874 as a 3,000-square-foot mecca in Chicago's South Side, the area bustled with employees from surrounding steel mills and meat packing plants.

When the boys came home from World War II, they walked to the two-story store that offered men's watches, engagement rings, fountain pens, eyeglasses and, for a time, drilled 500 bowling balls a year.

"They were all things to all people," says the current owner, Larry Mollo.

While little is known about the original owners, Cole and his wife, whose maiden name was Young, Mollo says the pair left the business to three employees in 1915. By the time Mollo bought the store in 1973, as a 20-year-old newlywed kid from the neighborhood, Cole & Young was a name brand ... Read Entire Article


Southern African Diamonds

Southern African Diamonds

Southern African Diamonds - The World's Most Celebrated Diamonds-Since 1872.

Dora Wedding Rings

Dora Rings

Dora is a family owned Company devoted to creating only the finest Bridal rings.

They have become known throughout the world for their uncompromising quality and sensational designs.

Galatea Diamond in a Pearl

Galatea Diamond in a Pearl

When an oyster swallows a grain of sand it feels the discomfort, so it begins to ease the pain by applying a coat of nacre (pearl). It is during this healing process that it creates a beautiful pearl.

Galatea Queen Bead

Galatea Queen Bead

Carved by hand, each Galatea Queen Bead is a remarkable work of art. Available in black South Sea, white and peach freshwater pearls in standard or Levitating style.

Dangler Studios

Dangler Studios Marriage Symbol

The Diamond Marriage Symbol has two interlocking circles of gold, the universal symbol of marriage. The three beautiful diamonds in the center represent your past, your present, and your future together.


Bertucci Watches

Bertucci™ Performance Field Watches™ balance form and function, with an enduring style and rugged quality that are ready to survive the day to day challenges that come your way... whatever they may be.

Victorinox Swiss Army

Victorinox Swiss Army Watches

Each Victorinox Swiss Army Timepiece embodies the spirit of the legendary Swiss Army Knife, a universal symbol of functionality, innovation, quality and iconic design.


Movado Fiero 605621

Movado, meaning "always in motion," has held its place at the height of innovation and distinction as a luxury watch brand. Movado watches are created by adept watchmakers to meet the austere standards of Swiss time technology.


Cole & Young Watches

Swiss made watches made for the US Army, Navy Seals and Stealth USAF Series.

Cole & Young

Cole & Young Watches

Made by Belair Time Corp. in the USA using Swiss Parts by Union workers.

Seiko Watches

Seiko Watches

Since being established in 1881, Seiko has contributed to society with one revolutionary product after another - starting with the production of Japan's first wristwatch in 1913 and including the creation of the world's first quartz watch in 1969.